The foundry

Copper smelter and its alloys

Extensive experience of 30 years in copper and copper-alloy-moulding. A moulding capacity from 1 kg to 3,5 tons, 3 moulding zones, one of which a “V PROCESS” zone.

From design to manufacture of one-off parts, small and medium runs, delivered rough or after machining in our engineering workshop (conventionnel and C-N).

Our business sectors:

  • Siderurgy
  • Electrometallurgy
  • Electrical components
  • Taps and fittings
  • Cement works
  • Engineering construction
Copper casting part process Durville
Copper casting part process Durville

Two molding techniques

« V-PROCESS » vakuum moulding:

  • Frame dimensions 500 x 600 x 200/200mm.
  • The “V-PROCESS” vacuum moulding machine represents an economical method of manufacturing moulds and high-quality parts.

Chemical moulding:

  • 1 hand moulding shop for large parts, frame dimensions 3000 x 2500 mm.
  • 1 moulding shop for small and medium productions runs, frame dimensions 710 x 740 mm.
Mold 3000 x 2500

Specific applications:

• Sn or Pb based bearing alloy, e.g. : Cement works runners, Bearings, Anode.
• Re-surfacing of copper parts.

Stock of solid or hollow bronze sticks.


  • Spectrometry.
  • Physical (hardness).
  • Dimensional (digital).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Electrical conductivity.
  • Oxygen content.
  • Temperature control.
  • Non-destructive testing:
    • Penetrant inspection.
    • Water and air pressure.
  • Dimensional inspection (template for cooling coils).